Snacks are a great way to keep your hunger at bay. But they are also opportunities to eat things that can make weight loss goals hard.

The following link has some great ideas on how to prepare healthy snacks to carry around.

Being health conscious is great.

But those calorie-dense treats (like chocolate bars and doughnuts) taste amazing. If you try to abstain from these sweet snacks, there is a higher chance that you will give in and binge.

Consider allowing a sweet snack now and then. Work it into your daily allowance every few days.

Better still try swapping a regular chocolate bar for a protein bar, similar calories, just better.

Grenade carb killa bars are ok

Though I think Barebells and Fulfil bars are better

It’s well known the protein can help you feel fuller for longer, which is great for weight loss, as hunger cues could lead to a binge session.

The 80:20 principle can give you a feeling of eating healthy and allowing calorie-dense food, whilst meeting your desired outcome.

If you have eaten 10 meals, then 2 of them could be something more desirable. Anything or anyone that demonises food, for whatever reason, has no place in helping people lose weight.

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