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Katie Maloney

I have been working with Matt since the start of January. Matt is very professional and thorough in the work that he does. He has taken the time to understand me as an athlete, and understand the sport I compete in. He wanted to understand the types of training I complete and when I complete it as well as my competition schedule and everything else that comes with it. He made me feel at ease from the moment I met him, and he has a very real approach to my training life. With regards to helping me with my nutrition, he is always on hand to provide me with advice and helpful things I can include in my diet from the start. While I come from a sports science background I have always struggled with designing my own training and nutrition plans, so having someone there to support ad hold me accountable for my actions is exactly what I needed.
I can already see the improvements I have made, and I am now starting to match my macros day to day more easily and have a better understanding of what foods I need to eat when in order to meet my daily macro targets for training and non-training days. I am definitely looking forward to what the next coming weeks have in store for both my training, competition and nutrition goals and having the support of matt inspires me to be the best athlete I can be. Thanks Matt!

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